Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Norm Sticker

This is the Norm Sticker.

The story of this sticker, is a story of part of my life. Back in the early 90’s. A friend of mine was going away to study in Germany. Before she left she needed to get an photo taken. something to do with here passport. So a group of us went, with her to Kinko’s. After she got her picture taken she said, “I don’t have any pictures of you guys to take with me.” So we all took turns stinking our face in a copier. The result of mine, is the image you see on the skate board above. When she looked at the photo copy I did she said, “That looks evil. I’m not taking that with me.” I said, “take it or I will mail 100 copies to you.” she didn't take it. So I shrunk the image to make it easer to copy 100. Then put it on label paper just for fun, then I started to mail her the 100 I promised. 5 to 10 at a time. Some of my friends knew I was doing this. They asked me if they can have some. I stated giving them out, and my friend gave them out, then before I new it they where all over the place. They ended up on Skate boards, guitars, and dashboards.

That’s the short version of the story. Now you know the history. If you want the new Norm Sticker widget, you can download it here Norm Stiker Widget.