Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Poor Lucy

A tragic thing happened the other day. I came home for lunch to find the house next door being tented for fumigation with a big sign on it that said Solutions Termite.
We had no idea this was even happening. Kate was outside she said that she heard a noise that sounded like a cat gaging. I thought Oh no, the neighbor didn't bother to make sure their cats were out of the house. There were two cats that lived there, Bear and Samantha. They had belonged to my neighbor who died two years ago but, the tenants renting a back house have been taking care of them. They had been feeding them but I don't think they really cared about them. I think the family that owned the house just asked them to feed them and they did, for the old ladies sake. One of the tenants has lived there for about 10 years and knew how much she loved the cats. I felt really bad when I heard form under the tarp what sounded like a cat gasping for air. So I took the sand bags off the tarp and lifted the corner of the tarp expecting to see the cat Samantha. I was terrified to see our own beloved Lucy suffering and drooling, her eyes glazed over it, was horrible, something that will stay with me forever. When I saw her I said "Lucy?" still in disbelief. When I said that Kate had heard me and came running over screaming at the top of here lungs LUCY NO NO NOOO! Hearing Kate scream was heart wrenching. Lucy meant a lot to Kate, She was Kate's first pet. All the neighbors had heard kate scream and came running out of their houses. We didn't have to tell them what happened after taking a look at the cat and the tented house and they knew what had happened. We hurried to the closest vet who was closed for lunch, Kate was screaming please save my cat so they opened up for us. The vet tried to help Lucy but it was to late, it was horrible seeing her suffer like that gasping for air.
Our poor Lucy died yesterday. It is so sad because it could have been prevented. No one told us that the house was being fumigated. All they had to do was put a sign in the yard, or a knock on the door. I found out today the two cats who lived there also suffered and died. Three cats died due to the negligence of my neighbor not informing anyone. I think there should be a law that the surrounding residents should be notified before a fumigation and they inform you that to keep track of you pets and children when the tent is going up. From my understanding cats are naturally attracted to these tents and cats get trap in them all the time. So why is there no law? This was a horrible way for my cat to die. My cat surfed needlessly, She fought to get out of that tent for two hours, I'm sorry Lucy I couldn't get to you sooner.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Helicopter Ride with Georg

Just some shots of a ride from Burbank to the Antelope Valley and back.